Dr. Michael Simmons

Hello, my name is Dr. Michael Simmons. I love dentistry and have devoted my adult life to this field in areas of research, learning and teaching, as well as treating patients. I am a perpetual student and stay abreast of new developments incorporating them into the most current patient care. I graduated from The University of Pennsylvania dental school in 1981. After 5 years in general dental practice I returned to UCLA for postdoctoral advanced training in complex orofacial pain and dysfunction problems, where I studied in the dental and medical schools. Since then, I have been a part-time faculty member at UCLA teaching and being involved in research as time permits. I lecture frequently in the community as well as to other medical and dental groups especially in the area of Snoring, Sleep Apnea, TMJ and Orofacial Pain. Many physicians, dentists and specialists refer to me on their complex cases and I am devoted to coordinating the best care for each patient.

Taking Patient History with Dr. Simmons