Asthma: A Multimedia Course (English & Spanish)

Asthma: A Multimedia Course is an easy to use guide about asthma triggers, symptoms, treatment, and prevention. The guide will also help you decide when to contact your doctor. Asthma is a very treatable disease and the following information will allow you to identify and treat asthma symptoms before an asthma attack can occur. The main goal of this educational tool is to help you identify symptoms and treat them as soon as they occur.

The program spans the entire curriculum of a patient education training course. Offers over three hours of self guided instruction divided into eight lessons.

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The Eight Lessons:

What is Asthma - Symptoms, Early Signs
Asthma Triggers - How to Identify
Diagnosing Asthma - PEFR, Spirometry
Special Situations - Pregnancy, Infant, Adults, Surgery
Asthma Treatment - Long Term, Quick Relief, Dry Powder
Patient Management - Patient Effort, Family Support
Equipment Cleaning - Inhaler, Nebulizer
Asthma in Schools - Teachers, Coaches, Staff Resource Kit - Control Test, Action Plan

Asthma Educational Software
Asthma CD
Asthma Spanish Educational Software
Asthma CD

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Santa Cruz company launches educational software about asthma. March 2014

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Asthma Multimedia English Version

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