Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders -

Performing a Nasal Exam

Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders - Performing a Nasal Exam is a 45 minutes educational video that describes how to further examine a patient for sleep disordered breathing (from simple snoring to obstructive to sleep apnea) by performing a nasal exam. The video is intended to provide dentists and other medical professionals basic guidelines and tools to help them  efficiently evaluate whether a patient has nasal issues that require  treatment by an ENT specialist.

Dr. Roesler is a recognized expert in Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology. Dr. Roesler graduated from the UCLA School of Medicine with the highest honors, Alpha Omega Alpha, in 1998.  Dr. Roesler continued his training at UCLA and completed his residency in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck, and Facial Plastic Surgery in June of 2004.

Dr. Simmons received his dental degree from the Ivy League Dental School at the University of Pennsylvania. After practicing as a dentist for 5 years he received additional post-doctoral training at both UCLA's Dental and Medical School.

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The video includes:

How can an otolaryngologist help the patient breathe better
Why is it so important to breathe through your nose?
Problems breathing with CPAP machine
How Afrin can be helpful?
Self-help remedies
Does a humidifier help breathing during sleep?
When a dentist should refer to an ENT?
When would a dentist be worried about a lesion?
Nasal breathing & sinus issues: how are they related?
How significant is a large tongue?
What characteristics of the uvula cause or indicate difficulties in breathing?
The anatomy inside the nose
Demonstrating a simple exam you should do on your patients as part of your evaluation
A nasal speculum and how to use it
A trans-nasal flexible endoscopic examination performed by Otolarngologist & what it shows
What should a dentist know when checking kids?
Type of procedures that Otolaryngologists perform that can help a patient to breath better
The most common pathologies  in the upper airway
Post nasal drip - how to deal with it
Palpation Exam

This video shows how can an otolaryngologists help a patient breathe better, why is it important to breathe through the nose, and the anatomy of the nose. Dr. Roesler demonstrates various tests a dentist or other medical professional can do to diagnose whether a patient needs to be referred to ENT doctor, the tools and equipment they may need to perform these tests, and common results.

Diagnosing Sleep Disorders - Performing a Nasal Exam DVD
Sleep disorders

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