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Santa Cruz company launches educational software about asthma
By CYNTHIA McKELVEY Santa Cruz Sentinel

SANTA CRUZ -- A traumatic experience led a Santa Cruz company to develop educational software for people suffering from asthma.

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Gali Rosen

Four Seattle moms combine expertise to create CD-ROM about childbirth and new baby care
By Stephanie Dunnewind Seattle Times staff reporter

Four Seattle moms — a doctor, nurse, editor and computer programmer — combined their knowledge to create new multimedia software that teaches expectant moms about childbirth and new baby care.

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Sleep960 Enters into a Business Partner Agreement with Modus Five to Develop and Distribute Sleep Medicine Education Multimedia Software
This business relationship will allow Sleep960 to expand its offering of multimedia education software for the sleep medicine industry and integrate rich media into existing and future software applications.

Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

Signature Sleep Services (dba Sleep960) announced today that it has reached an agreement with Modus Five, a California-based multimedia company to co-develop and distribute sleep medicine education software and integrate this rich media into existing and future software applications.


New Multimedia Asthma Education Software Aims to Give Patients Control - September, 2012

California-based Modus Five has introduced a new multimedia asthma patient education software designed for adult and pediatric patients, parents, and others who come into contact with asthma sufferers. Developed with a group of board certified pediatricians and asthma educators from a Palo Alto, Calif, hospital group, the educational program teaches patients the basics of understanding their asthma, including symptoms and triggers; explains diagnostic methods, such as spirometry and peak expiratory flow rate; and describes treatment options, including long-term, quick relief, and dry powder. In addition, the interactive curriculum addresses special patient situations, such as infants with asthma, asthma during pregnancy, and asthma during surgery. The development of the asthma program was a direct result of company president Gali Stein-Rosen’s personal experience. After her son was diagnosed with asthma, an asthma educator sat down with Stein-Rosen and her son to explain everything they needed to know about managing the disease and what to do when he had an attack. Six months later, when he had his first attack since diagnosis, Stein-Rosen and her son couldn’t remember what to do. “We were confused by all the devices. It was really scary the first time,” she recalls.

Respiratory Report


Advance for Respiratory Care &
Sleep Medicine
- August, 2012

Modus Five has released a new multimedia educational program, Sleep Disorder: Patient Education Multimedia Course, which combines interactive content with graphics, videos and animations to create a user-friendly flash media application which can run from a web site or standalone.

The software was developed with the help and supervision of Dr. Aaron Morse from CCSDC in Santa Cruz, a 30 years veteran in the sleep disorder field. It concentrates on Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, RLS, Narcolepsy, and DSPS and includes information about the physiology, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options.

High definition videos show the different stages of sleep apnea treatment starting from the initial visit, polysomnographer connecting a patient in the sleep room, pediatric options, viewing and understanding the results in the sleep lab, and more. Other videos by respiratory therapist show different CPAP machines available for men and women, and how to use them.

The software also includes information about dental appliances for sleep apnea. Dr Jonathon Wagner, Santa Cruz Dental Group, describes different appliances available, how to use them, and their benefits.

The software can be licensed as a web application which can be installed on the web site of a hospital or clinic, as well a CDROM for patient personal use.

Advance for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine



Baby Steps: School of Birth
ePregnancy - March, 2006

Bundled together in one comprehensive package, Childbirth: A Multimedia Course and Resource Kit is 20 hours of instruction on the final stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum issues and newborn care. Childbirth covers traditional hospital birth (including a 4 minute video of a live birth), but also highlights alternatives such as home birth midwives and doulas.

Working Mother

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News Break: A little Help From Your Friends
Working Mother Magazine
February / March, 2006

Gali Rosen, 36, a mother of two and a software programmer from Seattle, couldn't have achieved her dream of designing an educational program that teaches child birthing and baby care without the help of her working mom pals. Along with a doctor, a nurse and an editor, she created Childbirth: A Multimedia Course and Resource Kit . Childbirth has a non-judgmental approach on often controversial topics (breast or bottle, natural birth or painkiller), and that's intentional, says Rosen. "The four of us came together as one, but included our own choices and experience."

Working Mother Magazine


Hot Product: Home Schooling For The Mom To BeMom Ready - February, 2006

With your first pregnancy everything is exciting. You can't wait until it's time to start attending the childbirth classes where you'll learn all about the signs of labor, effacement and breathing techniques. You're also taught how to diaper and take care or your newborn those first few weeks.

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CD Review - 'Childbirth' a Valuable Multimedia Resource for Expecting Parents
Baby Map - Spring / Summer , 2006
By Allison Dworkin

Here we go again. My midsection is stretching to an extent I would have thought impossible had I not experienced it twice before. Insomnia is kicking in, and the indigestion is growing worse. And as the end result of all this starts coming into view, I again feel that strange mix of thrilled anticipation and terror.


Giving Birth Naturally
Empowering Women to Trust Their Bodies
January 10, 2012

by Catherine Beier, MS, CBE

Childbirth: A Multimedia Course and Resource Kit This self-guided CD-ROM provides approximately 20 hours of instruction on the final weeks of pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, and newborn care, separated into eight lessons. Through video and audio clips, pictures, and text, soon-to-be parents will learn about topics such as: the last weeks of pregnancy; early, active, and transition labor; pushing; delivering the placenta; special situations; postpartum care for Mom; care of newborns; and feeding newborns. There's also a resource section with a dictionary, a birth-announcement template, prospective baby names, and even a four-minute video clip showing an actual birth. Whichever selection you choose, you will be awed at the images you see. They do a wonderful job of illustrating the process of pregnancy through to the actual birth experience.


Cool Mom Picks
We find it, you flaunt it - 2006

By Liz Mention CMP

Dads-To-Be, Rejoice If your partner is anything like mine, his definition of hell is eight consecutive weeks of Lamaze class. Modus Five has come up with such a simple solution, it makes you wonder why no one has done it sooner. Childbirth: A Multimedia Course and Resource Kit is like eight weeks of class without ever having drag your fat pregnant butt to a class. 20 hours of instruction on this interactive CD-ROM cover all the basics, from the last weeks of pregnancy through labor, delivery, newborn care and breastfeeding. There's even everyone's favorite, The Birth Video. (Don't worry, it's not that scary.) The resource kit includes birth plan templates, doula/midwife questionnaires, and a doctor visit tracker. Far more engaging than a nurse droning on about epidurals under the fluorescent light of a classroom, check out the demo here and I think you'll be impressed. Childbirth is great for mamas on bedrest, couples who need a refresher course for baby #2, or those who just plain dread making nice with perky expectant newlyweds.



NCBI - The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health
Tara D. Owens, MEd, LCCE, FACCE Durham, NC

Childbirth: A Multimedia Course and Resource Kit is a computer-based program described as a quick reference tool or a replacement for traditional childbirth class for pregnant women. The program covers content from the last weeks of pregnancy to the ABCs of caring for the newborn; therefore, postpartum and parenting women will find the content useful as well. One of the program's strengths is that the content is easy to read and provides basic information to the reader. Information is provided in different topic lessons, which make for easy navigation. Another strength is the resource section that provides printable templates and forms for the user. Individuals can create birth plans and print out questions to discuss with their health-care providers.

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iParenting Media Award & Hot Product
Childbirth Multimedia Course and Resource Kit won the iParenting Media and Hot Product Award.

Dear iParenting Media Awards Winner, Congratulations! It is with great pleasure we inform you that the product you submitted for consideration for an iParenting Media Award will be honored with an Award! Your product was evaluated by a team of reviewers using our proprietary process, incorporating objective standards of measurement. Three outside reviews were performed on your product: a licensed childcare facility/school, an expert and a parent. The reviewers filled out an extensive survey and wrote some feedback about your product. In addition to the outside reviewers, every product was evaluated by the iParenting Media Awards Executive Committee. The committee confirmed that your item is eligible for promotion by iParenting Media, and your company is now considered an iParenting Media Awards award-winning vendor.

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Childbirth: A Multimedia Course & Resource Kit. Without passing judgment on any particular birth method, this DVD shows and tells you all you need to know about labor, breast feeding, and the role of the father during labor, birth, and beyond.

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