Oral Appliances for Sleep Disorders

Helping your patient choose the right oral appliance for sleep disordered breathing

Oral Appliances for Sleep Disorders is a 90-minute educational DVD intended to provide guidelines and tools to help dentists efficiently evaluate whether a patient has obstructive sleep apnea, and instruct them in the use of oral appliances as treatment options. The DVD describes what kinds of patients are good candidates for oral appliance treatments, overviews the types of appliances available, and offers instruction in mouthpiece selection and fitting, as well as good practices in follow-up appointments. The DVD also helps dentists compare the appliances' advantages with those of other treatment options.

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Video: Helping your patient choose the right oral appliance

Our 100-minute educational video contains detailed information on the following topics:

Taking a patient history
A physical exam & evaluation process to determine whether a patient is a candidate for a mouthpiece
Taking impressions of the lower and upper bite
Distinguishing various mouthpieces and selecting the best one for the patient
Fitting a mouthpiece and instructing patients in their first practice with the appliance
Interfacing with a patient’s physician and insurance provider
Mouthpiece adjustments, and other guidance for follow-up appointments

Dr. Simmons received his dental degree from the Ivy League Dental School at the University of Pennsylvania. After practicing as a dentist for 5 years he received additional post-doctoral training at both UCLA's Dental and Medical School.

Oral Appliances for sleep disordered breathing DVD
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