Podiatry Multimedia

Podiatry: A Multimedia Patient Education Program is an easy-to-use guide about various foot problems, their triggers, symptoms, treatment, and prevention. The program can be embedded directly into a podiatrist clinic’s web site, so that patients can access the material at any time. It features educational videos, illustrations, and up-to-date written content, to help patients visualize and understand their conditions. Photos by Dr. Jon E. Nordgaard, podiatrist.

Topics include: Ankle Sprains, Ankle Fractures, Arthritis Foot Care, Athletes Foot, Bunions, Bunionette, Claw Toe, Corns, Diabetic Foot, Gout, Flexible Flatfoot, Foot Anatomy, Fungal Infections, Hallux Rigidus, Hammer Toe, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Ingrown Toenail, Morton’s Neuroma, Pediatric Heel Pain, Plantar Warts, Metatarsal Fractures and Toe.

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Package includes: Podiatry patient education for your clinic's web site, and a DVD for your clinic's waiting room.

Podiatry Patient Education Software for a clinic web site

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